TAFE WESTERN SYDNEY: Engaging students through influencers

Building of tafe with stairs

CHALLENGE: TAFE Western Sydney, like the rest of TAFE NSW, Australia’s leading provider of vocational training and education, suffered from perception and relevance issues, particularly around its status as a supposed “second chance” education provider (for those who can’t get into university), and only offering trade-based courses.

STRATEGY: Sefiani developed a multi-faceted public relations campaign to support the mockumentary web series, Rob’s Campaign, starring comedian Rob Shehadie. It comprised, earned and native content, activations, influencer engagement, and creative editorial targeted at youth, their parents and teachers in metro and regional media.

IMPACT: Strong local, metro and radio coverage was achieved, leveraging campaign-supporting influencers with large followings such as artists Bliss N Eso, Big Brother winner Tim Dorman and newsmen Ross Greenwood and Peter Overton. In addition, across social media, they engaged with the campaign and positioned TAFE as a viable education option delivering job-ready qualifications.