Sustainability PR Communications

Tomorrow belongs to the change makers.

At Sefiani, we do work that matters for positive change makers. It is what drives us. A positive change maker is an organisation that thinks and proactively acts on ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) to build trust, increase value and ultimately meet the increasing expectations of its stakeholders.

In our sustainability practice, we partner with companies of all sizes that are creating positive change. We help them navigate the issues that matter at the times it matters most, and we help them tell the stories and create the ideas that advocate change for a better future.

We do this because it is our passion, and because we know that tomorrow belongs to the companies brave enough to be today’s change makers.


How Sefiani helps companies define and communicate their ESG Strategy and Narrative:

Step 1 – Sustainability audit, workshop, and narrative development

Program specifics: The starting point of all programs is a strategic review of existing ESG activities. Organisations may have dozens of social, community, or environmental projects in motion at any time. Real impact comes from being selective and specific, this means creating a focused and integrated approach. We undertake qualitative internal and external stakeholder interviews, audit existing assets and programs and undertake competitive positioning and review outcomes of existing partnerships/campaigns. We share our insights via a workshop that brings together senior stakeholders from across the organisation. From the workshop, we develop a cohesive and singular ESG strategy and narrative framework that is unique, ownable and can be practically implemented across the entire organisation.


  • Strategic recommendations on steps to strengthen your sustainability reputation through actions, messaging, and embedded systems or processes within the company.
  • An authentic and unique sustainability narrative.


Step 2: Sustainability Communications Playbook 

Program specifics: Once the strategy has been developed, it’s time to get organisation-wide buy-in. We work with internal teams to develop a playbook that clearly outlines the rationale for the ESG strategy, connects it back to the organisation’s vision, mission, and purpose, details key messages, and recommends specific initiatives, commitments, or actions to be implemented.

Outcome: A sustainability PR communications playbook that brings meaning and relevance to all your stakeholders, giving everyone a role to play.


Step 3: Employee empowerment

Program specifics: Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset and support base. A strong ESG proposition has been shown to attract and retain quality employees, enhance employee motivation by instilling a sense of purpose, and increase overall engagement and productivity. We partner with employee engagement teams to make an organisation’s ESG commitments understood and easy to contribute to at every level across the business.

Outcome: An employee engagement strategy and campaign that aims to connect people at every level with your sustainability commitments and empower them to play a meaningful role.


Step 4: Campaign development

Program specifics: Companies must transparently communicate the practical steps they are taking on their sustainability journey to all stakeholders. We work with clients to devise integrated earned media-led sustainability campaigns that are memorable, impactful, and engaging to build stakeholder trust in the organisation and its progress toward its ESG goals.

Outcome: A creative, integrated sustainability campaign including assets, that effectively communicate your unique and authentic story to all stakeholders.


Step 5. Behaviour change

Program specifics: Adopting sustainable business operations, products and services or internal processes will require changing not just attitudes but behaviours. However, consumers and employees can be resistant to change. To create long-term impact organisations must fully understand the context in which their messages are heard and develop strategies accordingly. Behavioural science provides a rigorous framework from which to understand these behavioural patterns and is increasingly becoming part of every sustainability communications strategy.

Outcome: Behavioural insights and actionable recommendations to influence and support sustainable behaviours across stakeholder groups, in line with your sustainability strategy.


Step 6: Thought leadership

Program specifics: Thought leadership is one of the most powerful ways to tell an organisation’s sustainability story because it leads to more than just increased trust and credibility. Thought leadership can help an organisation tap into the broader news or public affairs agenda and drive influence that reaches far beyond normal stakeholder groups. This can lead to conversations that influence industry sectors, civil society and government. We work with clients to identify the appropriate topics, channels, and times for executive spokespeople to establish themselves as sustainability thought leaders in their industry.

Outcome: A thought leadership matrix, together with an earned and paid media content strategy and publishing plan that aims to promote your company’s expertise and build the profile of your sustainability leader(s).


Step 7: Issues and crisis support

Program specifics: It won’t all be smooth sailing on the path to a sustainable future. There are risks and unknowns which will present challenges to organisations that are genuinely working to support positive outcomes. Putting in place risk assessment and mitigation processes will allow organisations to assess, monitor and respond if, or when, they face a real reputational risk situation. Ensuring there is an experienced and capable team who know their roles and are ready to develop crisis communication protocols, messages and statements as needed, will expedite response times, and assist in reputation protection and recovery.

Outcome: On-hand issues and crisis support to bolster internal teams, advise on risks, and help navigate challenges as and when they are presented.

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