Rest Superannuation: The Drain Game (Case Study Video)

woman in front of trees with rest logo in the centre of the image

OUR BRIEF: Following the Protect Your Super (PYS) legislation changes that came into effect on 1 June 2019, Australian’s were required to consolidate their super or risk having funds collected by the Australian Taxation Office. Rest wanted to encourage all it’s members to consolidate their super with them. The campaign needed to highlight the importance of consolidating super to benefit people’s retirement/super balance.

OUR RESPONSE: Sefiani created video content to accompany our “Drain Game” campaign for Rest Superannuation. The campaign focused on comparing multiple super accounts to multiple subscriptions that you are unaware of and the drain these can have on your bank account. We used our case study, Julia, as an example of having multiple super accounts and subscriptions and used this video to show how relatable this situation can be for Australians.