REST Industry Super

Resonating with Millennials

CHALLENGE: Sefiani was briefed to create a powerful touch point for Rest with the fund’s Millennial members, an age group who are notoriously hard to reach through traditional media channels. Retention of this age group is important for the fund, as REST’s members tend to be young and in low-paid, casual positions.

STRATEGY: Sefiani commissioned a piece of third party research to uncover Millennials’ attitudes towards elements of ‘The Australian Dream’ – property ownership, their retirement and entrepreneurship. The research was launched in two bursts, and supported by a content strategy based on the development of multiple pieces of content and a social execution through video case studies, influencer engagement and social media outreach.

IMPACT: Sefiani’s multi-faceted media strategy saw the two media releases picked up by traditional media, resulting in 75 pieces of coverage which were shared strongly across social media channels. The landing page developed by Rest as part of the content strategy is driving traffic to the Rest website, and provides a touch point for Millennials to start planning their retirement journey with relevant tailored content.