Issues and Crisis Management

Protecting reputations

Sefiani is a specialist in issues and crisis management with particular expertise in the issues-rich education sector with a strong history of assisting elite schools and university colleges. Sefiani has worked closely with the education sector in providing counsel during high profile crisis situations such as:

  • Student accidents and deaths
  • Cases of cyber-bullying
  • Allegations of sexual abuse
  • High profile change of principal
  • Allegations of misogynist behaviour
  • Counsel throughout coronial inquest into a student’s death

Sefiani has also been listed as the crisis communications recommended agency of choice for a global insurance provider when crisis triggers arise for their clients in the education sector.

We have provided services and advice to the education sector for issues and crisis preparedness including media skills training, table-top drills, issues audits, strategic counsel to school boards and crisis media management plans.