Catapult Group

Major announcement

OPPORTUNITY: ASX-listed Catapult Group International, the global leader in wearable technology for elite athletes, simultaneously acquired two companies: a US video analytics firm and an Ireland-based provider of wearable technology for the ‘prosumer’ market. The acquisitions were backed by an institutional placement and accelerated rights issue.

STRATEGY: To support take-up of the capital raising, drive awareness of the transformational nature of the acquisitions, and boost appreciation of Catapult’s expanded capability, targets for the announcement were financial media and sports media. The announcement of the acquisitions was closely followed by a panel discussion featuring Catapult’s Chairman and CEO alongside four high-profile professional coaches from rugby, AFL, rugby league and Rugby 7s.

IMPACT: Sefiani achieved widespread and favourable media exposure for Catapult’s acquisitions and the placement and rights issue were oversubscribed. Media coverage included multiple in-depth articles in leading business and sports media, both print and broadcast.