Educating on social issues

CHALLENGE: Sefiani was engaged by BaptistCare to position the organisation as one of Australia’s leading providers of frontline services for women and children affected by domestic and family violence, and boost awareness of BaptistCare’s services, including men’s behaviour change programs. Stakeholders included key influencers, media, government and the wider business community.

STRATEGY: Sefiani identified key journalists and influencers who report or comment on family violence, and leveraged BaptistCare’s sponsorship of the National Family Violence Summit to facilitate backgrounders and conversations. Pre-event exclusives and interviews with expert spokespeople from BaptistCare and case studies of former victims were offered, and key journalists were invited to attend the Summit.

IMPACT: High profile national media coverage was secured, with a potential reach of over 61,000,000, putting the topic of BaptistCare’s services firmly on the news agenda. Media now proactively approach BaptistCare for comment and information on domestic and family violence, and other community services.