Pepper Money: Improving public understanding of non-bank lenders


CHALLENGE: Pepper Money faced low public understanding of non-bank lending and broad public mistrust of financial institutions following the Financial Services Royal Commission. Sefiani was appointed to assist Pepper in improving public awareness of the non-bank lending space and building better understanding of Pepper Money’s purpose and brand as a leading home loan lender.

STRATEGY: Sefiani worked to highlight the role of non-bank lenders in a healthy lending ecosystem, including Pepper Money’s distinctive credit model. This included executive profiling, research, social media content, background briefings on the Australian home loan market landscape, and the launch of Pepper Money in New Zealand.

IMPACT: Our work heightened both brand recognition for and understanding of Pepper Money. with key opinion leaders in mainstream and broker media. Importantly, there was a reduced prevalence of negative terms and misperceptions used in media reports and, increasingly, sophisticated coverage of the non-bank lending space and the value of Pepper’s lending model consistently followed.