Media training

Sefiani spokesperson training program is conducted by specialist trainers, designed to give participants the ability to develop and refine messaging to be used in a media interview. Over the course of the training, spokespeople will be shown how to prepare for interviews, testimonies, and events.  

We offer our spokespeople strategic insight into creating quotes that are ‘newsworthy’ and offer guidance on techniques for every platform, to help you navigate those trickier questions and always land your key messages.  

Spokesperson 101 Training: Half day training program for 1-3 participants.  

We kick things off with an overview of the media landscape, and explain what makes a story a “story”. We then delve into message development and the skills, tools, and techniques every spokesperson needs to stay on message. Participants role play two interviews, which are recorded on camera for playback and feedback. Our experts will help you navigate those trickier question and other journalist’s tactics. We also offer essential body language tips and tone of voice coaching.  

Media Masterclass: Two hour workshop for experienced spokespeople  

Being a spokesperson is like riding a bike. You may have done it before, but regular practice will ensure you keep your balance and don’t forget the basic of rules of the road. Our two-hour media masterclass is our bespoke refresher module, aimed at getting you ready for your next big announcement or appearance. This bespoke session can be used by experienced spokespeople looking to pressure test new messaging, rehearse a keynote presentation or panel appearance, or to simply to practice and hone your spokesperson skills. 

Communicating in a crisis: Half-day workshop to prepare spokespeople to manage media in times of crisis 

Every company will at some point face a crisis; a situation or event that threatens its operations, financial stability, and reputation. How you communicate in the face of a crisis will have lasting impact on the reputation of your brand. As Benjamin Franklin said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Our crisis media training is an intensive module focused on specific scenarios to ensure you can control the conversation and manage the media effectively.  

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