Litigation presents a distinct set of challenges and opportunities. For clients in legal services, it presents an opportunity to showcase the company’s work and demonstrate industry leadership; for non-law clients undergoing litigation, it poses a serious threat to brand reputation, and heightened risk of inaccuracies and misperceptions in media and public debate.

Sefiani is highly experienced in litigation PR, having represented clients in legal services across areas such as litigation funding and class actions, and supported non-law clients undergoing civil and criminal litigation.

For non-law clients undergoing litigation, our focus is on the protection of our clients’ brand reputation throughout legal proceedings, and recovery of brand reputation after proceedings have concluded where necessary.

We help ensure fair, factual and balanced coverage of legal proceedings by working with legal journalists and court reporters to offer fact-checking support, access to spokespeople (where appropriate) and a productive dialogue with our clients.  Often, Sefiani’s role is to help journalists, and by extension the public, understand complex legal issues and recognise our client’s viewpoint throughout litigation.