Issues and Crisis Management

Sefiani has over 20 years’ experience as one of Australia’s leading crisis management company and issues communications agency. We know that a good adviser anticipates risks and pitfalls, plans carefully for likely scenarios, and is prepared with strong messages for media and stakeholders as the issue or crisis unfolds.

Sefiani has guided clients in Sydney, Australia and across the globe through significant and complex crises in numerous sectors including financial markets, professional services, heavy industry, education and food sectors.

We offer an experienced hand in:

  • Crisis planning, creating strategic communication pathways for clients across various scenarios complete with detailed advice, holding statements and action plans;
  • Fast-paced crisis and issues response, with our team available and ready to respond to any issue or crisis, big or small;
  • Real-time monitoring via digital media intelligence platforms, gauging responses to the issue or crisis amongst key audiences (both supporters and detractors) and guiding our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes through an informed and data-led approach; and
  • Post-crisis advice, supporting our clients to recover from the crisis and rebuild a strong, positive brand reputation.

Issues Communications Agency & Crisis Management Company in Sydney, Australia