Positioning BaptistCare and addressing domestic violence

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CHALLENGE: Sefiani was engaged to position BaptistCare as one of Australia’s leading providers of frontline services for women and children affected by domestic and family violence. The objective was to build new awareness of the extensive need for its offering among surviors as well as the group’s credentials among key influencers, including media, government and the wider business community.

STRATEGY: Sefiani facilitated backgrounders with journalists who report on family violence and leveraged BaptistCare’s sponsorship of the National Family Violence Summit. Pre-event exclusives and interviews with expert spokespeople from BaptistCare were offered, and key journalists attended the Summit to interview further case studies and Summit speakers for additional content.

IMPACT: A total of 163 stories ran in Australia’s leading newspapers, online news, TV and radio news reports, achieving a potential reach of over 61 million. Media outlets have since proactively approached BaptistCare for comment and information on domestic and family violence.