APRA crisis and issues preparedness

White sign with Australian Emblem and APRA text

CHALLENGE: Sefiani was retained by APRA, the Federal Government’s key prudential regulator of banks, insurers and superannuation funds, as its issues and crisis management agency of record. Our focus was to ensure APRA was ready to deal with any potential crises that may occur.

STRATEGY: Sefiani designed and facilitated a crisis simulation drill involving APRA and its counterpart financial regulators, the RBA, ASIC and Treasury Department. Sefiani also undertook media training and conducted a communications to recommend the optimal communications team structure for APRA.

IMPACT: The major simulation drill identified key learnings for APRA and its counterpart agencies in communicating the failure of a regulated institution and the Government response to it. As a result, key APRA leaders and the communications function are better prepared for media engagement.