Sefiani and Clarity Global Launch Report on Balancing AI’s Business Value and Ethics

New report features commentary from Accenture, AI21 Labs,, and VentureBeat

As organisations globally build and adopt AI solutions, Sefiani and parent company Clarity Global today launched their latest report: AI’s Value(s). Featuring commentary from AI leaders at Accenture, AI21 Labs,, and VentureBeat, the report shares insights for business leaders navigating the journey of building, adopting, adapting, and regulating AI. 

It explores how brands can strike the balance between driving business value from AI technology while establishing its ethical values.

Mandy Galmes, Managing Partner at Sefiani, part of Clarity Global, said: “When deployed correctly, AI can bring enormous business value to organisations across all sectors, allowing them to leap ahead of competitors in efficiency, capabilities and capacity. However, as AI technology evolves, transparency and education are a must. Being clear about the benefits that AI will bring the individual user is critical, as is openly considering and discussing the organisation’s ethical concerns.

“This report unpacks these opportunities and risks for professionals seeking to understand what they should consider as they navigate the AI landscape. Readers will gain firsthand insights from the experiences of some of the world’s leading businesses and access learnings uncovered while implementing AI practices.”

The report summarises learnings from a panel recently hosted by Clarity Global in San Francisco, featuring Benny Du, Global Cloud First Data & AI Senior Principal – Ecosystem Lead for GenAI and LLM, Accenture; Pankaj Dugar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, North America, AI21 Labs; Vanessa Camones, Head of Marketing,; and Gina Joseph, Chief Strategy Officer, VentureBeat.

The report initially covers AI’s business value – how it can drive economic impact and enterprise transformation. Harnessing data came out as a clear winner, with AI tech helping make sense of the mountain of data businesses increasingly have stored. 

The second half of the report explores AI values – ethics, inclusivity, and how AI should be used to drive positive societal benefits. It considers how we build ethical values around AI, and the factors which should be used as a blueprint when developing policy to ensure thoughtful AI adoption. It highlights the imperative of diverse teams and data to build technology that supports inclusion and accessibility, as well as the importance of consumer and customer education around AI.

Galmes added: “We know that navigating AI can be daunting. However, by setting clear guidelines about the use of AI in your business you can unlock all of the potential while protecting yourself and your staff.  At Sefiani, we’ve been implementing Clarity Global’s AI policy to ensure our team has a clear idea of how they can explore using AI to make their roles more efficient and fulfilling while always adhering to our ethical code.”

A link to the AI’s Value(s) Report can be found here