The way forward: how to successfully articulate change

Australia is on the cusp of great change as we usher in a new parliament elected with a mandate to take action on environmental and social issues. With this will come increasing pressure on business and leaders to do more, and demonstrate the impact they are having. 

As communicators, we will play a central role in helping the organisations we work with, successfully create and articulate change. We will also need to maintain a critical eye on the strategies, tactics and messaging to ensure there is tangible action behind the words. 

The strength of the strategy, the transparency of the story, and the integrity of business leaders will make or break companies in a world tired of empty promises and hungry for action. 

It takes courage, integrity, and sustained effort. Companies must work hard to find their own ‘North Star’, uniting their brand purpose and sustainability goals to light their company’s path to improving the world we live in. 

It requires a great deal of integrity from organisations and their leaders to break new ground, make tough business decisions, and communicate their successes and failures honestly and transparently. 

There are key questions to ask when faced with a decision about whether to communicate:  

  • How closely does this align with your strategy? Is this an important milestone and way to communicate your progress or challenges? 
  • Is the topic of interest or concern to stakeholders? And which stakeholders specifically? What is their level of understanding of the topic? 
  • How does this align to or exceed standards set by others within the industry, standards set by regulators, or existing policy? 
  • How might your biggest critics or activists respond? 
  • Do you have an existing record that needs to be considered or addressed before communicating?

As in all moments of huge progress and rapid change, storytelling will be crucial to the shift to a greener, more equitable world.  

Sharing stories of progress and hope on sustainability will inspire, energise and connect our stakeholders, and take us forward together as agents of change for a sustainable future. 

If you’re ready to lead with integrity, collaborate and dive into sustainable action, we’re here to help. 

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