Tomorrow belongs to the change makers

At Sefiani, we do work that matters for positive change makers. It is what drives us. A positive change maker is an organisation that thinks and proactively acts on ESG to build trust, increase value and ultimately meet the increasing expectations of its stakeholders.

In our sustainability practice, we partner with companies of all sizes that are creating positive change. We help them navigate the issues that matter across at the times it matters most, and we help them tell the stories and create the ideas that advocate change for a better future.

We do this because it is our passion, and because we know that tomorrow belongs to the companies brave enough to be today’s change makers.

What does being a sustainability changemaker mean in 2022:

1. Actions mean more than pledges: 2022 is shaping up to be the year when the microscope is put on how companies live up to their ESG commitments and demonstrate the practical actions behind their words. Regulators, shareholders, employees, consumers, activists, media and commentators will scrutinise how companies make the transition. There has never been a more important time to review and reassess your approach to sustainability and demonstrate that your organisation is taking authentic and practical steps to achieve its sustainability goals.

2. The rise of sustainable behaviour change: Many companies will need consumers, customers and employees to transition to more sustainable behaviours to help them reduce direct or indirect emissions. There are numerous methods by which communications can influence behaviour change, but knowing what your stakeholders do, why they do it, and how to positively influence people to behave more sustainably will be a priority. Companies will need to partner with behaviour change experts to create communications campaigns that change behaviour to create more sustainable outcomes.

3. Employees as ESG advocates: Engaging with employees about sustainability will be a key strategy in the fight to attract and retain the best talent. Employees want clarity from their current or future employer about how they are actively working to meet and exceed ESG commitments. A clear, simple, organisation-wide communications plan, that empowers employees to have a voice and play a meaningful role in company targets, will be a core part of every company’s activity.

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