Sefiani helps bring Quaden’s true story to light

The Sefiani team is feeling good today, having helped anti-bullying advocate and amazing mother Yarraka Bayles bring to light the true story of her son Quaden on ABC’s Australian Story ‘About a Boy.’

Quaden’s story is one we can all learn from: of one family’s immense pain when their child and brother is relentlessly bullied for difference and disability. It also highlighted the risks that can arise when a GoFundMe page raises far more money than expected and the unforeseen dire consequences that can follow on social media.

But it is also a story of immense family love, strength and determination to speak out to help others.

In addition to telling the Bayles family story, ‘About a Boy’ may also give hope to parents and children affected by bullying and discrimination. The inclusion of Florida-based counsellor, Brooks Gibbs provided a powerful lesson for kids at the receiving end of bullying – we loved his advice to Quaden about accepting the jibe and agreeing with it rather than fighting it, and by doing so, empowering the victim.

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Image of Quaden and Yarraka Bayles