Helping fight global warming, one burp at a time

At Sefiani, we’re always delighted to work with clients who are driving positive social and environmental change. Much of the climate change debate revolves around reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, while carbon dioxide is branded the villain of greenhouse gases, methane is more potent as a heat-trapping gas.

Belching bovines are a major culprit when it comes to methane emissions. For example, nearly 60% of emissions created globally during milk production come in the form of enteric methane, released into the atmosphere burp by burp.

In response to this, global science-based company DSM has developed the cattle-feed additive Bovaer, the most extensively studied and scientifically proven solution to this challenge to date, achieving consistent methane reduction from cows by 30%.

To raise awareness and understanding in Australia of the environmental and productivity benefits of Bovaer, Sefiani has partnered with government relations firm Brickfielder to devise and implement a stakeholder engagement program to demonstrate the efficacy of Bovaer in feed for dairy cows and beef cattle. Sefiani will also be communicating the outcomes of DSM’s collaboration with a number of research organisations in Australia, along with DSM’s capabilities in finding scientific solutions for sustainable and healthy living.

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Sefiani works with Bovaer to reduce methane emissions