Sefiani supports Special Olympics Australia in lighting up the Opera House

Sefiani was proud to join millions of people around the world basking in the red light of the Special Olympics in July, when over 70 global landmarks, including the Opera House and Melbourne Cricket Ground, lit up in a global demonstration of acceptance and respect.

Marking the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics on 20 July and the Global Day of Inclusion on 21 July, the event was a powerful statement from Special Olympics Australia to raise awareness of the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in our country. The event also provided a platform for SOA to announce its team of athletes for the World Games in Abu Dhabi in March 2019, joining athletes from over 170 countries across the world.

New research from Special Olympics Australia shows almost two in five Australians aren’t sure what intellectual disability means, yet 85% of us feel we need to include people with intellectual disability in society.

Corene Strauss, SOA CEO, said, “The 50th anniversary of Special Olympics comes at a time when the inclusion conversation is needed more than ever. While there have been some great strides in providing platforms for inclusion, Australia needs to work harder to understand the unique challenges of people with intellectual disabilities, and develop a culture that embraces and celebrates difference.

“I urge Australia to step up and be involved in the inclusion revolution, at a corporate, Government and public level. I’m confident the next 50 years will bring more progress and shift the dial even further,” said Corene.

Special Olympics holds a special place in the heart of Sefiani, with Executive Chairman and Chief Reputation Counsel, Robyn Sefiani, a member of the board for 20 years. The low-bono work is part of the deep values of Sefiani to act ethically and with heart – working with a range of worthy causes to give back to our community. The team secured coverage across Nine News, SBS Life and news, ABC Sydney, NewsCorp syndication, TODAY Weekend, local broadsheets and more, to raise awareness of Special Olympics Australia, and to spark public and social conversations about the importance of inclusion.

Robyn Sefiani said, “Special Olympics transforms the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through regular sports training and competition, and provides a platform to connect people through sports, inclusively. I am proud of our ongoing, special relationship with this incredible organisation, and the opportunity for Sefiani to stand in partnership with Special Olympics and the people who are its life-force.”