PR and activations – a match made in heaven

By Natasha Nikolovski, Account Manager

I’ve observed, participated in, and helped implement some excellent campaigns integrating PR and activations. Though the two are different disciplines with different end goals, when paired together strategically they can form a seamlessly integrated campaign.

Combining the two has its perks – mainly that the risk is lessened on both ends. For example, if media are not interested in an event, consumer footfall can save it, and vice versa.

The key is to ensure that the experience is one of value for both media and consumers, and finding a happy medium. Some key things to remember if you’re conceptualising an activation:

Location, location, location

While Sydney’s Martin Place or Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall might be the first place that springs to mind, it’s not always the right one. Consider your target audience and your end goal.

You can’t score without a goal

Like any campaign, you need to set out what you want to achieve. Having this front and centre of your planning will help you develop the consumer journey accordingly.

Know what’s realistic

For your budgets. For your clients. And for your own personal sanity! And more importantly, know how to scale this accordingly. It’s important to address this early on, ask the right questions and manage expectations.

Relationships are key

In PR, relationships with the media are everything. In experiential, your suppliers are superhuman and can make or break your campaign – literally. Build trust and relationships with the right people – they’ll help you!

The devil’s in the detail

This is often the part we neglect, but it’s absolutely critical to think of every bit of the experience – from wet weather options to what your promo staff are wearing. It’s best to map this out and jot down every touchpoint to ensure nothing is missed.

Data is king

Like PR, measurement is key, and an activation provides ample opportunity for field data, so be sure to remember this.